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St Catherine's Home
From 1927, at St. Catherine’s Home, the Religious Sisters of the Daughters of the Cross, provide a home to helpless, vulnerable babies, orphans, children from abusive/ unsafe life situations, children with HIV, abused  minor girls, unmarried mothers, girls from the adivasi areas and  a few older destitute women. Most of them through some oppression have been deprived of the love and protection of parents and a family. All the girls are educated, provided professional training, helped to get jobs after their studies and shifted to working women’s hostels once they have a bank balance. They are given guidance whenever they need help and are assisted in their choice of a suitable partner in life. The ultimate goal is to empower the deprived, abused and underprivileged girls and young women.

Anaida’s Note: Simply go and visit St Catherines. There are many ways you could help and make a difference and I urge you to go there. There are so many ways you could change lives for the better and this is one organization that will touch your heart. I have been associated with them for many years and am most impressed with the work these amazing sisters are doing.

Helpcare India
Helpcare India is an organization working for the underprivileged section of the society. They work on several projects for the upliftment of the down trodden, their maximum efforts concentrating on education for children who cannot afford the same. Ms Anaida has been associated with them since 1997 and would urge you to make a difference by sponsoring education for a child. Most of the people working with this organization are volunteers and they do not incur any overhead costs, So the entire money donated by you would be going directly towards school fees, uniform, books etc for the child. You can keep in direct touch with the children you sponsor and all their transactions are with your knowledge.

Helpcare India is a registered body under Mumabi public Trust Act 29 years 1950. Reg No- 24311

Address: 301 Manisha Apts, Church Road, Marol, Andheri (East) Mumbai 400059

Anjali :+91-9833585784 / 022 26762312 / 022 26766906

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Anaida’s Note: Unlike many charitable organizations, Helpcare India barely has any administrative expenses. For less than Rs 10,000 in a year you can support a child for an entire year’s education. You will be informed regularly and if you wish you can further help the child or the family in additional ways. I have been associated with them for years and have only wonderful things to say about each and every one of them. Go ahead, call them now and make a huge difference in a child’s life today!

Rai foundation
Anaida has a scholarship named after her with "Rai foundation", providing college education to three deserving underprivileged girls every year.

We would consider and appreciate nominations for the same. Ms Anaidas only criteria for choosing the girls is that they should be good student, interested in studies and make a firm promise to complete their entire college education..

World for all
World For All is a young, animal welfare, non-profitable organization helping in Rescues and Adoptions of street pups and kittens. The group/NGO mainly helps in Animal Adoptions and have rescued and fostered many animals throughout, rescued from both, streets and shelters as well as abusive homes. Besides Adoptions, they help nurse animals to health, those who have met with accidents, seriously ill animals from shelters, orphaned and abandoned pups and kittens and put them up for adoption, finding them loving homes. They have even facilitated the adoptions of disabled animals such as blind, partially blind, amputees and paralysed pups and kittens. The NGO hosted Mumbai's first Large scale. Adoption camp open to all rescuers in September 2011 by the name "Adoptathon" through which more than 100 pups and kittens found homes.

Donations that come in go for rescues, sterilizations, vaccinations, treatments and surgeries of street dogs and cats. The funds are also used to help poor families who can’t afford to treat the animals they care for. The NGO tries their best to reach out to as many as they can.

Tel:+91- 9820191321, 9820001506, 9987085350

Anaida’s Note: This organization is run by volunteers often spending their own money to help the animals. Any donation made by you will be spent directly and entirely on the animals. If you are an animal lover I would encourage you to call them and make a contribution, even if it is to foster a stray for a few days. The joy you will experience is unmatched and the good energy you gain only betters your life. Go ahead. Call them today and see what difference you could make!

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